Please provide an example of your best customer service situation. Explain why the service you provided was so successful?


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This is a question that is usually asked when applying for a customer service related job. When answering this you should point out a specific situation that you can remember. It is best to mention a situation where a problem occurred with a customer and you can explain what skills and attributes you used to resolve the situation. This shows your professionalism and the ability to diffuse and sort out a difficult situation.

  • There are other types of questions that you may be asked in an application or in a face to face interview so you should be prepared. For example, if they are looking through your resume and there are gaps in between jobs, they will probably ask you why this is. It is important that you are honest; however put a positive spin on any absence.
  • If you're applying for seasonal work you should express that you will be open to permanent work in the future if it does become available. This shows your eagerness and commitment.
  • When filling out an application it is very important that you mention all the experience and qualifications that you have that are relevant to the customer service job. Even if you have had no prior experience within customer service, you should still mention the transferable skills you gained from other work that you can bring to this new job role.
  • If you reach the interview process then you should always address the interviewer politely and coherently, so try not to speak too quickly or mumble. Also, give them good eye contact, however refrain from staring. Just be relaxed and natural.

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