What Is The Salary Of An Assistant Manager In IDBI Bank?


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An assistant manager in the IDBI bank can earn between US $14,000 and $40,000 depending on a variety of factors. With branches worldwide dealing with different numbers of customers there are lots of different aspects involved in salaries at all management levels.

  • Location

Salaries vary largely throughout the world and are usually based on local conditions. In many European branches an assistant manager will be getting paid close on $40,000 per annum regardless of the size of the branch. This sort of salary has to be paid to attract and retain the best assistant managers who can be promoted to managers locally or elsewhere within the network.

  • Experience

To be appointed as an assistant manager will require a certain level of experience or other outstanding qualifications. Much of the job is related to experience and gaining knowledge on the job, how the bank functions both within the branch and communicating elsewhere. With greater experience an assistant manager can expect their salary to rise annually and be in line for promotion.

  • Branch size

Salaries are also dependent on the size of a branch, the number of customers and the amount of staff involved in the branch. Bigger salaries are paid out in the bigger branches due to the increased workload and demands of the job.

An experienced assistant manager in a large branch could be paid more than a manager in a smaller branch due to the size of the workload and demands of the job.

  • Summary

A number of factors are involved in determining the salary of an assistant manager in the IDBI bank. These factors reflect local conditions and are flexible to allow the company to attract and retain the calibre of employees required to ensure that this vital role is properly staffed.

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