What Is The Average Salary Of An Accountant In The UK ?


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The median salary of an accountant in the UK was 2990 pounds per month as of 2005.

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The average salary of an accountant in the United Kingdom earns around 31,237. Some accountants even earn around 24,012 and 39,378 depending on factors such as the pay scale of the company. The percentile you received and most of all your performance from the previous company.

However, this would just be the basic salary apart from this you could receive benefits and bonuses. Due to which the average compensation of this paid for the post could be anything around 34,801, again depending on the factors mentioned above. Even the location would be another consideration towards an accountant salary.

Accountant with 1 to 4 years of experience could receive anything around $ 43,000, from five to nine years could receive $ 51,930, from ten to nineteen years could earn around $55,148 and 20 years and more earn $58,554 and some as a complete fresher or below one year experience could earn $25,617.
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Accountants in UK can earn £26,000 - £50,000+ average salary

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