What Is Good Customer Service? What Is Bad Customer Service?


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Effective customer service is when the employees have
1.Accountability(when we treat customers as the person related to us and ensures his satisfaction)
2.Credibility- it means that if we have promised to deliver any service to the customer then we must fulfil it.In other words we should honor our commitments
3.Authenticity-it involves a Little element of trust for employees, our own honesty and knowledge which we will part with customers.

And if these three things are not there in a customer service it is said to be inefficient.
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If you conducted a survey, most people would be able to tell you the hallmarks of good and bad customer service - many would be able to give you examples from their personal experience.

Most would agree that good customer service is defined by honesty, quality, efficiency, personal treatment and listening. For instance, when an item is ordered over the internet and it is not in stock, a prompt explanatory call from the store to the customer goes a long way in making the customer happy.

In contrast, most consumers have had the unpleasant experience of attempting to reach a company because of a mistake that they have made in delivering a service and being unable to reach anyone on the phone for long periods of time.

Bad customer service involves wasting the customer's time, dishonesty, poor quality and a lack of accountability. Some companies fail to recognize how they are hurting themselves with poor customer service. It chases customers away because those with a bad experience won't return and will tell others.
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One of the contributor to achieve a good customer service is to make sure that all questions and inquires of customers are taken cared of. Business phone system today is equipped with features such as recorded greeting and music on-hold that will give callers positive perception.

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