What You Consider To Be Good Customer Service?


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emma danish answered
Good customer service is to make sure your client/customer is satisfied with the services you provide, that any reasonable requests are carried out that if you are approached about something and you cannot answer straight away that you get right back to them as soon as and they should feel calm in the knowledge they are being well looked after
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SidrA Tasneem answered
The good customer service is to provide convenience to customer by considering them valuable and paying good attention towards them so that you can achieve your organization goals.
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cellis hiegel answered
When a business provide a phone number that can be used by customers for inquiries and placement of orders. In this manner, callers or customers are assured that the business is really serious in providing good customer service.
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A good customer service is to be fast and have a good manner and to be very patient  . In a word , hope their  service can meet my  need. I have a good experience in the buying mesos on the . Their service is very good. And I like talking with jane . Hello jane ^^

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