Define personnel management by different scholars?


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Different scholars have their own personal opinions on the matter of management; whilst some consider it the art of balancing a range of tasks include negotiation, representation and inspiration, others state it is simply the practice of getting other staff members to complete tasks effectively. For this reason, a range of approaches can be taken to management, with varying levels of success. There is no 'right' way in which to be a manager - most scholars agree that the style of management suitable depends upon the company genre and the attitude of employees.

  • Delegator; motivational figure; spokesperson; organizer

Many scholars agree that to be a good manager, a diverse range of skills is required, due to the fact a manager must perform a wide range of tasks. For instance, a manager may need to be a spokesperson for the company one day, whilst negotiating a deal with an important client. The morning after, they may need to follow disciplinary procedures as one employee has acting inappropriately. Following this they must to be a headhunter, as a replacement employee will be needed. They may then be faced with the job of delegating tasks to those with the appropriate skill sets. To end the day the manager will need to leave work with a positive attitude, in order to keep other staff members motivated. It is easy to see why many take the view that to be a manager is to fulfill many roles at once.

  • Organizer and delegator

Other scholars believe that a good manager needs only two skills: Those of organization and delegation. Some managers do indeed operate in this way; they simply organize and delegate tasks - regular jobs as well as jobs a manager may be expected to carry out. For instance, a manager could easily employ somebody to oversee the performance of other workers, and somebody else to act as a spokesperson for the company.

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