What is the salary of a pharmacist in Dubai with 5 years experience?


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According to, the average salary of a pharmacist
in Dubai with about 5 years experience is between 7,000 and 15,000 AED per
month. When converted to the US dollar, this equates to between $22,867.72 and
$49,002.22 per annum, depending on the rate of exchange. The average
salary varies from one employer to the next, and as you can see, there can be a
large discrepancy between one employer and another. Education and nationality
could also have a big impact on these numbers.

Rather than posting a salary, employers in Dubai
will offer a salary based on factors such as education, experience and nationality.
It is then usually up to the candidate to decide whether they are happy with
that figure or not. This is why you’ll rarely see figures next to job
descriptions in wanted ads.

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