What Is The Average Salary Of A Chemist In Dubai, UAE?


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Where ever you go and what ever you do. Your salary is based on your education, experience, skills and nationality.

If you have done Phd or masters in the related field then you will be paid more as compared to people who are undergraduate.

People who have less education but have more experience can also get good package. But it is preferred that people should have both good education as well as experience. Normally 3 to 7 years of experience is considered good. And in which department you are working with or want to work with. Like you want to work as Professor, in Shop or in some Lab.

What ever job you have, you should know it in depth and should have the skills or capabilities to fulfill the task.

If you are foreigner then you will need work permit else the company will pay you far less than you expect.

So all these things make a salary package. One can not tell that how much you will be paid unless and until you tell the above details. If your CV is good then you might get more than 40k dirhams, but not for sure.
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I am a PhD in the field of chemistry, women, an Asian and over 10 years experience. What is the basic salary for women in UAE?

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