What is the average salary of an HR Advisor in Dubai?


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The average salary for an HR Advisor depends on which company but ranges from anything between 65,000 and 75,000 Dirham.
Salaries in the United Arab Emirates can vary quite dramatically depending on which profession one enters into. Furthermore, salaries can vary substantially due to nationality - often because they are qualification dependent and western qualifications are regarded more than non-western ones.
Usually, people from Western countries such as Europe and North America are paid the most, whilst Asian nationals are also paid competitive rates.
In Dubai there are more problems with unfair wages for labour coupled with no legitimate minimum salaries in place, which can mean difficult working conditions for expats and people trying to make a new life out of the harsh working reality.
There is a big influx of manual labour jobs which are unfortunately poorly paid. One can often be working seven days a week for more than twelve hours per day.
Other professions and jobs which are potentially poorly paid include maids, nannies, drivers, gardeners and security guards who all work long hours, mostly six or seven days a week.
The nursing sector also seems to attract many Filipinas but the work is extremely demanding and not very well paid.
Secretaries and receptionists also earn low wages for long hours as well as middle management roles.
Senior management roles, however, are better paid but tend to be taken up by westerners or UAE citizens.
There are a range of benefits available depending on which sector you choose which can include company housing, housing paid for by the company but found yourself, a housing allowance, a car or transport allowance and private medical insurance.
And one of the other significant advantages to gaining employment in the UAE is that there is no income tax to pay.

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