What The Common Questions In Sales Job Interview?


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Common questions which are often asked at sales interviews (and some which will be asked at any interview) include:
Why do you want this position?
What experience do you have?
Are you flexible in your approach and can you work different hours to fulfill our requirements?
How would you deal with a difficult customer who says that you have sold them a faulty product?
What particular skills do you feel that you have to make you a valued member of our team?
What knowledge of our product(s) do you have?
Are you computer literate?
Do you prefer to work on your own or as part of a team?
Other questions may relate to the particular area of sales for which you are applying. You may also be asked questions about your personal interests or your willingness to adhere to certain policies such as Health and Safety or Equal Opportunities/Respect at Work.
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They would probably ask about sales experience and what makes you think that you do the job. They will probably also ask some of the common questions at job interviews.


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