How Do I Write A Resume Of International Standard?


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donna jackson answered
There are many sites that help you to do this, just type CV into google search. However getting it to a real international standard, normally requires the input of a professional resume writer, who will charge anything from fifty dollars, to two hundred. It really depends on the level of the position you are applying for.
A good resume writer will coach you about content and layout, as there are certain standards that global or large blue chip companies, and even governmental organizations expect.

The resume coach will not only word the resume better than the average person could, but will advise which qualifications and experience to highlight, and which to minimise.

Of course a good headhunter or recruitment firm will do this for you, to present to their client, it is included in their fee.
Good luck!
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catherine adams answered
Hello try Resume Standards
Focus on the knowledge/skills/and abilities slant of what is required, and play to your strengths and experience. There are many examples on-line but be careful not to standardise, and highlight your specailisms and achievements in the field of work for which you are applying. Best of Luck.

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