How Can I Be Selected In An HR Interview?


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Dress for the occasion. You can never go wrong with a freshly pressed suit, dress shirt and tie. Put your best foot forward: Your shoes tell lots about a person, be sure they are polished and match your outfit. When you are being interviewed, make eye contact; that tells the interviewer you are confident and not hiding anything. Be sure you know your material, as zuhail as indicated. If you don't have a copy of the job description and requirements, get one from HR. You should also do some research about this company; what is their main focus, how long have they been in business, are they listed on the stock exchange? If you do your homework before the interview, you will already feel confident going into the interview setting. One last thought: Practice with a friend doing a "mock" interview so you will get an idea of how it feels to be interviewed. Good luck!
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First you should prepare yourself for the interview. A good interviewer is one who does the copy work before going to an interview. You should know about the job requirements of the job for which you will be interviewed. A good knowledge of the job responsibilities can answer any question at the time of interview.

There are 5 Ws and 1 H in all interviews;




All the questions in the interview will begin from these words. For example Why you want to do this job.

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