How To Call A Candidate For Interview Sample?


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Once you have decided on the candidates you would like to bring in for further questioning for a role, you will need to phone them to invite them down for the interview. You may have already carried out a telephone screening interview for the candidates to be at this stage or this could be the first step after receiving their resume. Either way you should call each candidate individually to schedule a time for him or her to come to your office and have a face-to-face interview.

Try to arrange the interviews in a single block of time so that it is easier for you to compare them. Make sure to give your candidates all the necessary information for them to locate the office, and repeat the time that they should arrive. If your candidate needs to do any extra preparation, for example a short presentation or research for a test, you should tell them now and make sure that they are aware of the expectations you have. You might choose to have more than one person interview the candidate at the time. This is something you could mention in advance, but isn’t necessary, so that the candidate knows exactly how the interview will take place. Ask the candidate if they have any questions and again confirm the details of the time and place of the interview. Keep a friendly tone and sounds positive and reassuring. The more comfortable you make the candidate feel, the more likely they are going to give a good interview.

Once you have the interviews arranged and secured, it is important to make sure you have an interview template set out. Start the interview with an overview and brief history of the company, as well as any information you want to give about the job. You should ask open-ended questions that can be clarified and use probing questions to clarify any concerns.

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