How Do You Answer This Question At A Job Interview? You Say You Are Flexible, Adaptable And Client-friendly. How? Give Examples.


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Well, it is concerned with the interview of any job you are gong to give. I just want to say that when you are going for some interview then definitely they will ask sometime from you about yourself like they will ask tell us about yourself they want to discuss something about you then you have to tell them some of your personality traits like you said flexible and adaptable and customer friendly.

so you can explain that adaptability means that how do you can mould yourself and cope with the changes that you do not expect in the daily life here I will say it crises management if any situation occurs when you need to do any particular task in a specific manner so you can adapt your self easily. Customer friendly means that you develop you relations with the customers that he feels comfortable dealing with you. If there is an angry customer then you have to deal him in a generous and polite manner that it turns him relax and cool. So you can explain them in this way. You can give them any example of a scenario like customer conflict and tell them the importance of customer for any business.
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Well I imagine your interviewer wants to know how you will deal with the public and how good your people skills are. They are trying to avoid employing impatient, rude people who can not be trusted with clients and want to get there own way.
They know that to deal with clients on a daily basis, you need to be flexible as things can change, and adaptable as you will have to deal with clients or staff members who you may not like.
Then they need to know that you are able to talk to clients in a friendly and helpful way, and convince them that you company has their best interests at heart.
By asking you this question, which of course you will answer yes to all three, they are asking you to give them examples of when you have been flexible under pressure, adaptable when required, or client friendly when a client had a problem. So demonstate to them by telling them anecdotes of when you were in these situations.

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