How Do I Give Effective Answers To Common Questions During Job Interview?


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You should know how to:
• find out as much about the job as possible before finalizing your answers;
• use the four steps to bring together the major parts of your answers, including what you did, how you did it, the context in which you did it and the outcomes;
• put all your information together so you can articulate clear and coherent answers which do not meander all over the place;
• answer a broad range of questions, including those concerning duties that you have performed before, duties that you have not performed but whose skills you have mastered and duties that you have not performed and don't yet have the skills for;
• use your body language and other interpersonal communication skills to establish and maintain rapport.

Sometimes it may be appropriate to give a three-part answer which includes the context, what you did and how you did it, and an outcome. At other times it may be more appropriate to talk about your ability to do the job, your cultural fit and motivation levels. Often, it may be more appropriate to mix and match from the above. At the end of the day, it is up to you to recognize a suitable structure or approach for each question. And one approach may be just as good as the next—remember, there's no perfect answer. Practice will give you the ability to provide the best possible response.

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