"Why Should I Select You?"(interview Section) How Would You Answer This Question?


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I am a good team player, I am dedicated towards my work, I am loyal and always do justice to my work... I am an organized person and believe in organizing my day to day work to work effectively and efficiently. I have right skills and attitude towards my work and that what makes me different from others. I have that zeal in me to learn and an Inquisitiveness to know

I always believe in walking extra miles for success which I have done, apart from my core job I have always taken extra initiatives which made me more confident. I am a hard working person and have a personality and willingness to motivate other’s to show their hidden potential. I am a quality driven person and a time bound person and as you can see my previous experience suiting the responsibility of the work, I feel I am the one to be selected for this position.
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Well I would look at every perspective and see what might be wrong then think outside of the box. For example a computer, take a look at the parts then replace them with other parts to see what's wrong :)
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When invited for an interview you should make sure that you are adequately prepared. You should find out a little about the company, the role you are applying for and what kind of person they are looking for for this role.

When asked why you should be selected you should refer to some of the key tasks or qualities reffered to in the job description.

For example if the role is working within a team then you would say,
"I am an excellent team player. I contribute well to the dynamic of the team, but work equally as well on my own."

If it states you must work well under pressure you may say,
"I thrive under pressure and relish working to deadlines. I plan my time so that I'm never caught short."

If organisational skills are important you may say,
"I like to be well organised. I plan my time efficiently and work well within it. I also like to plan for any eventuality so that I am not caught out by anything which could go wrong."

Your dedication and commitment to the job, good timekeeping, looking for a challenge and somewhere to progress are also good things to mention.
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I will put my heart into this job as I m genuinely interested to make my career in this field and and ready to take challenges.
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Iam very dedicated to my work
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