Why Should I Choose You For This Job?


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Bhawna Tripathi answered

This is the question when
candidates get nervous when an interviewer asks. But in this situation, your
nervousness can lead you to lose this opportunity. So, it is important to show
your presence of mind and explain why you are a perfect candidate for the
particular job. This is the time when you should describe your skills,
abilities, and strengths. If you are still not clear how to give the best
answer, then you should consider some useful interview tips. To get the
interview tips, you can rely on one of the leading online job portals i.e,
Monster India. It does not only offer the wide coverage of jobs but also career
and interview tips.

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Lily James answered
You should choose be for this job because:
  • I have the relevant job experience. I have been doing the financial analysis for the last 5 years and I think I will utlize my skills to fit your role.
  • Secondly I have complete command over French language which is a prerequisite for this position.
  • I am well groomed for public handling and I have been participating in debates and social events to be well informed.
  • Most importantly, I am a committed employee who is ready to work for long hours to meet deadline. I will surely prove my worth even before the probation ends.

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