What Classes Do You Need To Take In High School To Prepare To Be A Lawyer?


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Speaking as a lawyer myself, here's what I found most valuable: Debate team and English. A lawyer also needs a good grasp of history and our U.S. Constitution and an appreciation of how our government and court system work.A lawyer does a lot of writing and must understand how to debate effectively in a courtroom.  That said, I also think a good grounding in math is important, especially if you decide to be a lawyer specializing in Estates and Trusts or corporate law.  If you are interested in patent and copyright law, a degree in college in the sciences, especially engineering, is a fine asset because patent attorneys have to pass a special patent bar exam in addition to the one that entitles them to practice law. They need to understand the drawings that accompany a patent application. New fields in patent law that require a science degree. These include genetics and chemistry.
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Well, You should be well versed with History and the Constitution of the country where you want to study...Also you should be good at Maths..In addition to this, your communication skills should be appealing so as to debate on the issues....Considering this, you need to update your knowledge and accordingly join coaching classes and also for entrance exams for the Law..For more details visit 

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College entrance courses, and try to take business math, accounting and computer classes would be a big help as well.
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English composition, Speech and Debate, and history will help you in whatever college major you eventually choose and will have great applicability if you go into law.

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