I'm In High School, I Want To Become A Nurse After Graduation. What Do I Need To Do First?


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I'm in high school right now, so I want to take nurse course at University. What courses do I have to taking in high school to become nurse?
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I love this! I am a retired nurse. First offer a few hours a week in a local nursing home. You will then know if you can stomach some problems there, you are able to endure emergencies of so many kinds, from amputations, to stab wounds, to skin deteriorating diseases. Google information and try and look at as many horrible results of illnesses as you can. The main thing for a nurse to have is the desire and the love for all fellowmen. As soon as you know this is what you want, make the application. Of course there is a high difference in the type of license you hope to acquire. Rn being more intense learning. Do this as soon as possible. I waited years after I graduated from high school, had children in school, and had lost a lot of the ability to study correctly.  Wishing you well
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Thank you. I have already interviewed a nurse in the NICU, so far that is my passion. I have endured 31 surgeries, so I have seen alot on myself and on other patients. I was a preemie and interesting enough the nurse I interviewed was one of the nurses that took care of me 17 years ago. I will apply asap. Thanks again.
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Education wise, you need to make sure you have taken either the SAT or ACT, because this looks very nice when applying for a nursing program. Look around for where you want to go to college and see if they have a nursing program, what it's like, if you'd like to go there... Do your research and make sure you're ready before throwing yourself into it.

I have a dear friend going into nursing, and the program is hard, heavy work with very little free time. But, if you have the will and passion, it will be so worth it.

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Well, this is no doubt respectful and demanding profession especially in USA..you need to be dedicated and always be at service to your patients in a stressful environment..in a most comfortable and freindly way..so what i can suggest is join some Nursing Courses from the Institutions in your area..Always keep updated with all doctors about the patient service activities since healthcare industry is such where no compromises and excuses could be tolerated as it is concerned with the health of human beings..So study and research along with the study and keep updated..Be helpful and loving and caring with your patients...All The Best

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