How Do You Tell Your Colleagues That You Are Leaving Your Job?


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Mark Westbrook answered
It's always hard to leave colleagues, whether you want to or not, whether you like them particularly or not. If you can tell them personally then its best, but if you can't, so that someone isn't left out, it's best to tell them one all in one go. This might be difficult and you are left to email them.

Make it brief, cheerful, respectful and thankful to them. Brief is important. They will certainly see you as a traitor now, so don't expect anything. This can be a particularly hard prospect if you have just had some time off sick, it looks like you are cutting and running now.

Always think this through, to have to retract your resignation is tough for you and your colleagues.

However, once you're going, go, don't stay and BS, just make the break. If you have a long notice to give, try to find something enjoyable to do and don't leave anyone in the lurch.

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