What Will Be My Objective In My Resume?


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With your education you'll LOVE THIS!

As a phys major, There are two basic approaches to this problem.
One is the normal lengthy one telling everything you know up front and hopping you'll win!

OK! Now lets put on the other persons shoes on for awhile!
He is sitting at a desk and going over mainly certain points that THEY selected as the hub of what they want!

Now after hours of resumes he is getting tired of things that don't even matter for what he wants, and he is bored and tired, too!

So stop and think for a minute! 90% of the time he is going to pick a handful for a personal interview, and that is where you want to be and to project your personality into the scenario! AND That is where you want to be, one on one, eye to eye.

So what is your best approach? First if you've already revealed EVERYTHING then any talk will be brief!

So YOU HAVE TO leave parts to be "explained better in person" to arouse a very tired mind.
This method is called "The Bait and Hook method" ( as said by Charles Durant ) and means you have a shorter resume to be read by a tired man wanting to see his wife and kids, and not you! This man could care less about what happened from the first to the 12th grades for you have education after that! So that is a given point! It's the other experiences in which he is interested, BUT give enough to wet his mouth only and "Explain the Rest In Person" for at the moment you goal is to get that one on one interview, because!
Think and wear HIS shoes!

And do not get into great details about things that if they interest him HE WILL ASK!

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You should mention your objective in your resume that you want to excel in those field which are provided by the company. And you want to enhance your management skills with working this company. And you also want to get some experience. In this way you can write your objectives for job.
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I have just completed my Bcom and continuing my PG in Commerce and I have 2 years of total work experience as CSR and know I am planning to change my profile and trying to switch to Banking or Accounting so what would be my objective in Resume?
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Talk loud about your objective and still remain realistic e.g. To get a managerial position in an organization as assitant manager and grow with the enviornment.
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Its whatever you are aiming to accomplish by getting that job and in your cover letter if you are writing one you have to kiss their butts a little bit too :) just saying

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