What Is A Nursing Home?


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A sort of hospital/psychiatric facility that houses elderly and sick persons who can no longer care for themselves and are co-de pendant on others assistance
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A nursing home also known as a skilled nursing facility or rest home basically is a place for people who need regular nursing care and have major deficiencies with activities of day to day living.

Individuals who enrol in these nursing homes usually are elderly people of younger adults who have certain type of physical disability. Grown-ups above the age of 18 can reside in a skilled nursing facility so that they can get physical, professional and other types of rehabilitative therapies post accidents or illnesses.

In America, nursing homes need require licensed nurses on duty throughout the day. As of 2005, there were an approximately 16,094 nursing homes available in America, down from 16,516 recorded in 2002.

In certain states nursing homes which are known as nursing facilities usually do not have beds certified for Medicare patients.
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A nursing home is a place where people who cannot take care of themselves go to live.

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