What Are The Qualifications For A Liver Transplant?


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The liver transplantation is recommended
when the liver diseases like, cancer, cirrhosis, hepatitis etc stop responding
to medicines in other words end stage liver disease. The Wilson's disease is
the genetic liver disorder characterized by copper accumulation in the liver.
This is generally treated by medicines. The liver transplant is recommended
rarely due to risk of many complications of procedure. The doctors decide after
weighing risk benefit ration. The liver transplant id not recommended until you
are responding to medicines. Even at the end stage doctors will think a lot
about transplantation of liver in Wilson's disease.
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If end stage liver disease is present in a person and cannot be treated with meds, healthy diet, exercise, avoidance of drugs and alcohol since these harm the liver then a liver transplant is the last option.
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Do you think that a person who is an alcoholic should be able to recieve a liver transplant? Using medicial reasons.

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