What Are Qualifications For Air Hostess?


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Air cabin crew members are seen as the faces of the flight company. For decades, the roles of air stewards and hostesses have been viewed as glamorous and prestigious so you could say that good looks are a qualification of cabin crew members. You do need to have some real qualifications to  be an air hostess- a general pass of basic school exams in Maths and English are required.

  • You can find out the exact specifications of air crew member roles on the flight companies websites.
They will vary depending on who you wish to work for and when you apply for a position, you are essentially applying for a place on the training course. Flight companies will train you according to their protocols and procedures regarding emergencies, customer service, decision making and communication within a team.

  • As with most job applications, you must have proof that you can work in the country of that company.
A valid passport or visa, as well evidence that you are medically fit enough for the role will be required. You must also be 18 or over for most UK and US companies though others will vary depending on the legal age system. As air cabin crew roles are basically customer service and assisting roles, experience in dealing with customers is an absolute plus for this kind of work. To further boost this, appearing strong and confident in awkward situations will benefit your application.
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Basically a lot of common sense! Appearance, height and weight play a part however some airlines are more lenient than others. A second language is also pref.
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I want 2 b an airhostess  what qualifications I need I am in ty bsc (plain) how much airhostess get plz rpl

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