What Are The Qualifications For Becoming A Veterinarian And What Are The Benefits?


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Well Personal Qualifications are like the behavior.  To become a vet you need to be caring, responsible, have paitence, respectful, and compassionate.  The qualifications are
1.  Bachelor's Degree in the Vet fields
2.  Earn a doctor of vet medicine degree
3.  Obtain an internship
4.  Get a vet license
5.  Find a job!!! :)

The benefits are:
1. Can bond with animals
2. Health Care
3.  Will know how to take care of a sick animal
4. Help many animals

I hope that this helps!!!!! :)   Good luck!!!!!
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Well, I'm a Veterinarian.
You do NOT have to have any type of 4 year degree in order to be accepted into Vet School although most do. You DO have to have taken the list of required courses which varies a little among the Vet Schools. While most of us have 3.7 or higher, one girl in my class had a 2.2.  You DO have to graduate and obtain a DVM or VMD degree. You don't even have to pass National Boards if you choose to work for the Federal Government. Regardless if you do or don't, once you graduate you ARE a Veterinarian. You DO have to pass a State Board to PRACTICE in that state, but whether you take a Board or not, you ARE still a Veterinarian, which is what the question asked. You do NOT have to do an Internship or Residency in fact most Vets do not.
Benefits, you get to work 60-70 hours a week, get bit,pissed, and shit on for a salary much,much less than your local plumber.
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You'll need to get into a veterinary school and for that must be having a four year bachelor of science degree. You must have good grades. These veterinary studies are far difficult then the human ones. They might ask you about the previous experience which actually counts a lot. After the graduation you must do the internship, which also depends on the state you live in. Dear, different states have different requirements.

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