Who Does A Receptionist Report To?


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The receptionist is a valuable part of the company team. The
receptionist is the person who leaves the first impression of the
company, whether courteous and accommodating, or cold and impersonal. The receptionist directs traffic, gives directions, provides company information, makes connections between people, conveys messages, handles emergencies. Many also handle money and make appointments.
Many receptionists are involved in the hiring process, giving a report
of their impression of a prospective hiree--their demeanor, courtesy,
clarity of purpose, integrity, and other aspects of personality,
ability to work with people and handle the unexpected. Some perform the
service of screening suppliers or sales people in the same way. The
best receptionists have an amazing memory of names and faces.

The supervisor of the receptionist varies by company. In many of the companies in my industry, the receptionist works for the Security department--handling badges, confiscating camera phones, and checking credentials. I have also worked where the receptionist reported to the Vice President of Marketing, and where the receptionist reported to the Technical Services Director (because she prepared technical illustrations when she wasn't answering phones). In a small business, the receptionist may report to the business owner (or may even *be* the business owner).

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