Are Good Managers Born Or Made?


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Good Managers are born.
Born to lead is an inherent quality which is in the genes to begin with.
Salespeople are born.
You can enhance their skills and hone their technique but if they were not born with the skill and desire you will never make someone into a good manager or salesman if they do not have it in them.
Both of these disciplines are intertwined because a good manager has to sell his idea to his staff to get them to perform. A salesman has to sell his idea to his customer to buy.
Does this mean that the best salesman will make the best manager- No is the short answer.
The manager must have those extra leadership qualities and skills and not all salesmen have them.
But great managers have the salesman's skills as well as leadership skills.
Can one make a manager sure but great managers are definately born!
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Good Managers can be made. By raising up someone in an environment where he/she has to deal with management challenges. By, making them take decisions from early childhood and let them derive solution for the problem and letting them undergo different mental challenges according to their age. Also, Helping them developing good leadership skills by different tasks helps them in being more good manager. A manager must be always be a good leader to be successful and completely efficient in performing tasks.
Good managers are made and If the lesson begins in early ages, the efforts gets more effective.
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Good manager r always made...god give equal mind to everyone,,its upon every individual that how he/she is developed,,I mean surrounding atmosphere makes the character and develops talent in the according  to me they r made

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