I Need Interview Questions On EAI-Mercator Please?


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Mary Frederick answered
Possible interview questions you may be asked in applying for a position as an EAI Mercator professional follow:

Why are you interested in working for this company in particular?
Why do you believe you are qualified to work with complex projects such as using Mercator to solve application problems for a client?
Explain what you would do to retain the legacy applications and databases for a client wishing to add a new set of applications for e-commerce, extranet and other technologies?
How would you explain object-oriented programming to a clients employees?
How would you explain middleware and message qeueing to these employees?
Where would you begin to devise ways to reuse what a client has and add new applications and new data?
Do you consider yourself to be a problem solver?
How would you define interface development with the use of Mercator?

Good luck!

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