What Would Be Your Perfect Job?


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Working to rehabilitate mistreated animals. I cant save them all but helping some would be a wonderful feeling.
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Long haul trucker from east coast to the west coast 100% drop and hook 1 time each week.
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The Instigator
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I was in the trucking business except for my time in the military till I retired. I drove equipment you've never heard of and when the longest trailer was 32 feet, metal covered wooden framed cabs and vacuum wipers. I've got a million stories. I ran loads of any type of freight you can imagine.
Hungry Guy
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Jackyl, I think Freightliners still use vacuum for many accessories like the wipers and the power windows...
John commented
As the story goes the scale(thurman scales) company i worked for use to load the truck scale sections(ones used at the highway truck scales)by hand the truck would have to block the main street down town while they loaded it. (old cab over trucks from 1950).around 1991 i saw one scale flipped over with the semi( the same day we loaded it )as it entered 71 n from 104west.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Figuring out what to do with the 50 million $
I'd  just won (I wish).  Deciding to whom and
where it should go to help the most.
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I always wanted to be a football coach. Nothing to Fancy just high school or some like that.
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"Quality Control Inspector" at a Nevada Brothel.

This is the dude who will periodically "check the girls out," to make sure that all of their "parts" are "in perfect working order."
He also "auditions" the "new talent," to ensure that they meet the technical requirements of the brothel, with regards to the minimum standards of quality.
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I'm already in my favorite job, homemaker.
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greg gowen answered
Parent, I am the boss, the people below me work for free, they cant form a union, and the EPA cant regulate my in house gas emissions.
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Absolute monarch of a small independent city state in eastern Europe that nobody ever heard of, and that the Americans regard as a "rogue nation" because it has a large degree of economic and personal freedom.  Oh, and all female citizens have to register for the "draft," and once a year I get to pick one to put into my harem :-)
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I'd Love To Be The CEO Who Fires People Like Ken Lay And Bernie Madoff..! Also I Would Love To Work With Disabled Adults And Animals Because I Love The Look On Their Face When They Learn A New Skill. I'd Love To Be A Massage Therapist Because I Give An Awesome Back Massage.. People Tell Me I Have Magic Hands . I'm Not Sure What That Means. Right Now I Volunteer At a Place  Teaches Disabled Adults To Feel Empowered  And To Feel Special; By Teaching Them Art Skills. I Don't Care About The Money A CEO Makes.. I'd Give Most Of That To Charity..I Want To Be Able To Put More Bernie Madoffs In Mcdonald's Washing Tables..
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jacques slabouz answered
Stay at home dad for a successful woman and her kids...(cooking,cleaning,etc.etc. And making sure she is completely satisfied)
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Deemarcas Day answered
Traveling as an account executive, or even better a tour guide, anything where I could travel a lot and still have a home base.  
Even better, managing my lottery winnings.
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walter jedyk answered
I own walter jedyk estates. Thriving with tons of success.
Nothing, that i'm doing through it is a failure.
Having great staff, is all a part of its well success.

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