What Is The Annual Salary Of An Early Childhood Education Teacher?


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The child education teacher has a good amount of job opportunities coming her way. She can be a child care worker, a preschool teacher, a kindergarten or an elementary school teacher.

Public school teachers should have a bachelor's degree and procure a license from the state in which they want to practice teaching. An average annual salary for the kindergarten or elementary school teacher ranges from $45,400 to $ 49,920, with the lowest 10 percent earning between $25,730 to $ 32,250. The top ten percent earned $67,400 to $72,300. Median earnings for preschool teachers are usually $22,500.

Teachers can also increase their salary in a number of ways. In some schools teachers get more pay for coaching sports activities or for working together with students in improving their extracurricular activities. If you have a master's degree or a national certification, the chance of a teacher to earn more pay increases.
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