What company has given you the worst customer service? What company has given you the best customer service?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Comcast is by far the worst customer service experience that I've ever had.

The best experience I've had is with Moen, they really stand behind their advertisements and guarantee.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Never had Comcast but I've heard some pretty good stories about them. All bad !
Ancient Hippy
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I was with Comcast, or it's previously named company, for about 25 years. Problem after problem with no resolve, so I went with Verizon Fios. No regrets at all.
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Worst for me was Kalahari and the best was also from Amazon. They really are fantastic

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Either Comcast or Delia*s, Comcast always seems to add hidden fees to my parents bills, and when they say things are free, they aren't, (but my mom always manages to get free HBO for a year when this stuff happens lol) and Delia*s is the worst. I once bought a bathing suit there with a gift card online, and it was taking forever to ship. Turns out, it didn't accept the gift card even though it didn't say it didn't, and the customer service people basically told us it was out fault for not double checking.

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Here in the UK we have two contenders. Virgin Media, who are the largest cable company. It's 11% owned by Richard Branson (the rest is owned by a US conglomerate). They are a byword for poor customer service. Despite obscene profits they have cut their support staff to the bone and people are waiting days and weeks for problems to be solved. If you try to leave however, there is a £110 disconnection fee.

The other is Carphone Warehouse. The greatest volume of complaints about any consumer-facing company belongs to them. I watched them renege on a guarantee agreement on my son's 'phone, then produce false evidence about (non-existent) internal damage, then lie about evidence they had already admitted was faked. Finally, a company employee told me to my face that he would continue lying in order to preserve his job.  Nice!

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Ray Dart
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PS - I'll go with the others on Amazon - they have brought a whole new standard of service to the UK. Pity others are not stepping up to the plate.
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I think I'm just lucky I guess. I haven't really experienced a bad customer service from any company. I'm not saying that all my experiences are perfect but I think they just don't qualify to be one of the worst.

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