How Can You Write A Resume When You Have No Work Experience Yet?


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Julii Brainard answered
The basic layout is still the same, you just won't have a previous employment section.

So, name and contact details at the top, then education and qualifications, references go at the end.

In between, put down any skills you have. Can you type? How fast? Can you speak a foreign language at all? Which one and have you lived in a foreign-language country ever?

Try to think about other jobs you've done, even if you didn't realise it at the time. You can put these under a section called "Volunteer work, unpaid projects and other responsibilities"

Those two weeks you spent last summer helping your uncle repair roofs might pay off after all, even if all you did was make cups of tea and help pack the scaffolding away at the end of jobs. Have you ever had a regular babysitting job or paper round? Have you ever been part of a stage crew putting on a school play, or helped your mum work a car boot stall, or at a school fete? Have you ever been a classroom helper at school? All of these things show you can act responsibly and follow instructions. Those are the basic qualities all employers want.

This other Blurtit answer has some good tips, too.

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Brenda Harrell answered
Hi, one of the most important things when writing your resume is not to leave a lot of time gaps. Always try to fill your gaps with what you were doing while being unemployed. Whether it was selling Avon, writing a book or attending school. Working for a family member or friend. Tutoring other students. Something maybe you were in the performing arts. Never say nothing, just don't over write your resume. Make it short and to the point. Long resumes turn employers off. Happy job hunting. Take care.
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Robyn Rothman answered
A person's resume is not only about job experience. It should include information about your objectives for employment, your education, including what schools you have attended, your diploma or degrees, and any awards or honors you earned. List any skills you have pertaining to the position you are seeking. You can list any unpaid jobs or volunteer activies that have provided the skills the position requires. You can Google resumes, and choose sites that will show you sample resumes and cover letters.

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