Why Should I Become A Nurse?


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You should become a nurse for several reasons. First, it is a very good career. A career in nursing will allow you to make a decent and a comfortable salary, while working at a job that you enjoy.

Second, you should become a nurse because in many places, there is a very high shortage of nurses. Becoming a nurse of any kind puts you in high demand for many hospitals around the world.

Third, you should become a nurse because it is a very rewarding career. You will be helping sick people on a daily basis, and when you help them to feel better or get better, you will feel good about the job you are doing. Helping people is a very rewarding career. It will have its ups and downs, but overall, I think you will be very satisfied, fulfilled and happy working as a nurse of any kind, in any hospital.
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Becoming a nurse is a big step into the future. You get a lot of money for it possibly $100 per week if full time maybe even $50 for casuals. But I guess being a great positive nurse I guess nothing needs to distract you from going to work.

Remember always keep thoughs smiles and use positive behaviour. Also you need to be devistated and listening to what the pacient is saying. You will be helping sick people on a daily basis and make them feel better.

You need to firstly take lessons and you need to really past the test. There are milliions of things coming up. Think of theese simple questions-Have you ever took part of a nurse carrer? Are you ready for this part of your life? Will you say good bye to your family for a working life? Well I came to Australia and I am going to be here for 3 more years, I love it but I gave up my life because I want my family to be proud of what I achived and to make them life a better life. Nursing carrer and being a doctor has really made my life brighter. Maybe start becoming a doctor like I did in my home town then start going to majour cities like Europe and start doing a carrer.

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