What Type Of Personality Does A Nurse Need?


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A nurse must be a caring and sympathetic person. They also need good communication skills, as well as a tremendous amount of health education. They must be able to multitask, and they must be detail oriented. They must aso be able to be firm and set boundaries.
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Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, caring, neat and clean, fast, and efficient in her job.
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I like to go clubbing every day is in the future i like to be a nurse is that affect in my work
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#1 must have a good bedside manner....careing....and smile....
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A nurse needs to be kind, caring empathetic. They need to be able to "put themselves in another person's shoes" so to speak. Also, it helps if they are patient. Hope this helps!
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Openminded & nonjudgemental.  A good/great listener.  Not prejudice against gender race or religion.

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