In An Organisation, What Type Of Questions Are Asked Regarding Accounts ?(I Want To Know Questions For Accountant Or For Articleship)


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There are a number of questions that can be asked during an interview for the post of an accountant. And since it is a technical job, the bulk of questions will be related to the technicalities of accounting. Here is a link that gives detail on what to expect during such an interview:
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I could not decide, if you are looking for questions, which might come up in an interview or questions, which could be found on a written exam.

From what I learned, in researching information for articleship, I understand the intent of articleship is to provide someone preparing for the CPA exam with approximately 30 months of on-the-job training, in a large or small accounting firm. The intent is to provide a well rounded hand on experience in all aspects of CPA work. The goal is for those taking the test to have some practical experience along with the years of training in college before the test.

The only place, I was able to locate any specific accounting questions is the website, I have listed below. The questions should assist you, in preparing for an interview in an articleship or as a junior accountant in training. You will not find any questions using the word Articleship in the search bar of the site. However, the questions are related to different aspects of accounting you need to know as an accountant or someone in articleship. The website is
Inteview/Questions/Accounting.htm. Click on the blue links under Accounting and in each category you will find a list of questions.
The other part of any interview, will probably deal with questions about you, These are just examples of some questions you might be asked about yourself: Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths? Where do you think you make the most mistakes? Is there any part of your accounting training, which you feel you lack a good understanding? How can we help you become a good accountant? Why do you want to articleship here? What do you know about this business? Which, part of your accounting training was the easiest for you to grasp?

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