What Qualities Do You Think A Good Call Centre Agent Should Possess?


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The qualities of a good call center agent are:
·   You should be concerned about how you can satisfy your customer and are willing to go to great extent to take care of the customer.
·   In addition to good communication skills you should also posses good listening skills and for this you need to have a lot of patience. Listening skills are important to avoid any confusion.
·   A friendly personality
·   The ability to multitask as you will have to take calls, answer questions on the phone and email all at the same time.
·   You should have good knowledge of English and also some know how of the other languages that you ma have to deal with is an added benefit.
·   You should know how to use the computer and internet.
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Good Customer Care Skills
Understanding Individual Differences of Customers
Good Communication and Listening Skills
Language Abilities of Agents
Computer Literacy

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