What Are The Duties Of A Receptionist In A Beauty Salon?


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nettie answered
Your real job is to make and take appointments for the salon, but you make be ask to do other things from time to time ie shampoo if it gets real busy, you answer the phones etc you may even be responsible for collecting and storing the pay for the service depending how the salon is set up...the best to you
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Well you ask what time they want to come...what person they want to make an appointment with. If it's hair or nails you ask what is they want like a pedicure or manicure french manicure things like that. For hair cut color that kind of thing. I watched a lot when I used to dance and we'd always go sit where we'd get our hair done. You'd also tell the person doing the hair that they called and you'd also call and remind them of the appointments.

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