What Are The Advantages Of Working At Receptionist?


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The Advisory reception: 1. Answering customer advisory telephone, should be proficient in the use of standardized terminology, passion, politely answering telephone consultation, science, patience, targeted to answer customer's relevant training related issues, including training in the latest arrangements, training / sitting fees and training time. 2. Receiving customer visit should take the initiative, enthusiasm, courtesy and thoughtful, patient answers to various problems related to training clients encountered difficulties, teachers should be coordinated together to solve to ensure customer satisfaction. 3. To do our consultation registration form records, requires the ability to reflect the full customer's personal information and training requirements for the latter part of customer-tracking and the company to provide a favorable basis for marketing decision-making. 4. Cultivate and improve the business, have good observation, Differential treatment, flexible and responsive. Right the first time visiting customers, should be sent to the relevant date training materials, as well as an overview of the training courses. Hesitant attitude towards customer consulting, training centers should be made clear advantages, including teaching staff, hardware environment, training, scheduling, training, pricing, a high percentage pass rate, certificates of gold content and so on, establish a customer "training be assured that prices of the Heart, the examination at ease , take permit comfortable "corporate image. 5. To help clients fill out registration information, He Yan procedures are complete, fill is complete, face special circumstances should submit a written application, in accordance with procedures to declare the application level by level, approving the rear executable. Second, information management: 1. According to the training cycle and curriculum characteristics, summarized the current status of registration and consultation, reasonable preparation of lesson plans. 2. Timely analysis consulting and application information, sorting out a potential big customer, would be relevant information to the competent manager. And focused on track for potential students, training, sales. Periodic inspection and finishing advisory information, timely updates and additions proposed updating requirements. 3. The positive response of customers MAIL, FAX requests, prepare records, and timely access to customer feedback. 4. Actively cooperate with the Company Registrar, marketing campaigns and do liaison work with the trainees. 5. Pay attention to market dynamics, attention to gathering student information, pay attention to market feedback, in order to provide recommendations release the contents of advertisements. 6. Actively involved in marketing activities to assist the marketing department to gather customer feedback information for corporate decision-making provide a strong frame of reference.

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