How Do I Write A CV For PhD Position In France?


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Any PhD application should basically have a covering letter, CV and research proposal(if required) and your other educational documents. A CV should detail your educational qualifications, your awards and honors, your research publications (preferably include peer reviewed journal publications only if you have too many) also include your experiences (work/research), references. In your covering letter state your past experiences and also your interests, lay strong importance how you can contribute to the field of study.

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You should start your cv as
1. Career objective.
2. Work experience
3. Educational qualification
4. Achievements
5. Reference
6. Personal profile

Take help from this sample Phd cv.
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In order to write a CV for any kind of job that you are applying for, the chief fundamental is to highlight immensely your capabilities as a team leader, inform the employer about your personal traits and try your level best to convince him that you are certainly the precise person to fit into this job's character.

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