What Were Your Expectations For The Job And To What Extent Were They Met?


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Sadia Batool answered
All and sundry expect that they should get a reliable job. Job is not all about priorities but about honour and dignities as well. It is also about maintenance of quality of life according to a standard which is known to all of us. This will also be a way of earning as we are working hard and we should be paid for that.
I was expecting honour and good money from my job. I am honoured that I have got such a job which is pretty able to fulfil my both of the needs. It is good to have such a nice job. This is according to my expectations. I feel that I am earning a good salary which is satisfactory for me. I am able to give time to my family and friends. That is awesome for me. I am very able to get honour at my workplace. This is a big plus point to me. This will give an impetus to my career as well as I can show it in my CV as well.

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