What Are Different Types Of Reports That Are Produced By The Middle Management In An Organization?


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An MRS can produce either hard copy report output or display output. Hard copy reports are the most common form of output produced by an MRS. Depending on their job functions, user might need one or more of the reports described below:

Reports produced by management reporting systems usually fall into one of three categories: Scheduled reports, Exception reports, and Demand reports.
• Scheduled Reports:
Scheduled reports (sometimes called periodic reports) are those that are issued periodically. Two examples of such reports are daily production reports and monthly performance reports. These types of reports can be used either for planning or control purposes.
• Exception reports:
An exception report displays only those records that meet a specific condition or condition. Exception reports are issued when something unusual takes place that require the attention of management. For instance, an expense overrun would likely trigger the generation of an exception report. A customer service manager might want a report on all packages that were not delivered within a specified time period. Exception reports are used primarily for control purposes.
• Demand reports:
Demand reports are generated when someone with authority requests such a report. An example is an executive asking for a financial report on a merger candidate.
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