What Salaries Are Paid For Pharmacists In UAE, In Particular Dubai, And Abu Dhabi?


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Avg salary in Dubai for a pharmacist is about $ 71,000
Pharmacist I: $ 68,000
Pharmacist ii: $ 73,000
Pharmacist Tech:$ 22,000
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Kanza, you need to do some more research. I am a pharmacist in the community pharmacy business. On average, Pharmacists do not get paid more than $24,000 a year. It's not as lucrative a job as it is in the US or UK. Pharmacists' roles are not valued here as they are in the West.
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About the salary in Dubai for pharmacist $ 20000 to $ 30000 per year also years of Experience.
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Sorry ,

the salary is very low , dont be upset normally the pharmacists are paid less than 9000 dhs in average plus benefits = 30000 $ annually

rent is very high ,food is not cheep ,

no professionalism

ministry doesnt care about the minimum salary
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Average salary of a Pharmacist in ABU DHABI as of DEC'09 is $ 33,000 per year +expat  benefits+ medical insurance . Abu Dhabi Shaikh :)
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Starting salary for a pharmacist in Dubai is $73,000.
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In the United States, the average annual pharmacist salary is $30,840. While the bottom 10% of individuals within this profession makes less than $20,640, those who find themselves in the upper 10% of the pay bracket can expect to earn $43,230. Pharmacist salary working for the federal government gets paid the best with an annual salary of $40,890. Other top paying industries are outpatient care centers ($39,050) and physician offices ($37,780). 
Those with the highest salaries live in the state of California, including the metropolitan areas of Oakland, Napa, San Francisco, San Jose and Madera.

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You get paid approximately 10.000 dollars as the role is not valued and it is not worth it because you get a lot of abuse

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