What Does A Nurse Aide Do?


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To be a Nurse Aide requires a special commitment and the ability to
give compassionate and dignified care. Nurse Aides assist nurses in
providing basic patient care. They work in a facility or hospital,
under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse. They handle routine
tasks related to patient care, such as taking and recording vital
signs, assisting with bathing and other personal hygiene needs,
changing bed linens, and keeping patients' rooms neat and orderly.

One of the most fulfilling duties for the Nurse Aide is talking with patients. They can calm a patient's jittery nerves,
lift their spirits, or just keep them company.
There is a tremendous and growing need for qualified nurse
aides. It is a challenging and rewarding job with many opportunities in
long-term care facilities. With further training, a nurse aide may
advance into employment in a hospital setting, and can continue to
climb the career ladder into advanced nursing and allied health

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