What Are Jobs That Deal With The Brain?


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That is a very general question, I hope this helps. You can go to university and become a neurosurgeon, neurologist, psychiatrist,  or psychologist. There are trade schools for MRI, Cat scan and xray technologists. So you see you need be a bit more specific. I have worked with nurses who specialized in neurosurgery. Good luck with your choice.
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Well you can become a physcotherapist, here you won't have to deal with blood,but be given a chance to reach the mental aspects of peoples lives. You will be able to revive the hope of people by changing their view and perspective of life bringing optimism and hope. This is brain work because it takes the brain to think,figure and conceive a working plan for the body system. It all simply has to do with reviving the brain!
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I don't know if you know this ,but there are many different types of psychology and physiological specialities associated with the brain and central nervous system. What you need to do is get to a library and research all the different areas before deciding which direction you want to go.

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