Why manager's job is changing?


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Over recent years, the fundamental job completed by a manager has been changing. Formerly, the role of a manager was to oversee proceedings in a company, ensuring all staff members did their assigned tasks properly and correctly. Although this is still a large aspect of being a manager, the job now often focuses more on the elements of decision-making and specialization, particularly as firms grow. Some managers have assistants beneath them in the company hierarchy who are employed to oversee the work of other employees.

As the manager's role develops from supervisor to company or department leader, their status within the company and sometimes in the media grows. For instance, chief executives now have somewhat celebrity statuses and are often involved in various media scandals.

The reasons for the role of the manager changing and developing are diverse. Firstly, it is due to the growth of many major companies that has been seen over the past decades. Firms become too large for one manager to deal with it alone. Instead, a team of managers is employed. These managers may specialize in certain areas, such as:

• Production
• Human resources
• Finance
• Research and development

Another reason the manager's role is changing is the shift in industry to a more service-based approach. Industries such as financial and law services are growing across the United States. Companies who work in such industries require workers with high levels of human capital.

Employees in these companies work more with their brain than with their brawn; laborers become office workers. This leads to people in an organization communicating and working together more, and the worth of an individual employee becomes more unclear. Managing workers therefore becomes more complex, so supervisors are employed to deal with this specific task, whilst managers themselves focus on planning and decision making.

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