What Is Organizational Objective Of Tesco Based On Human Resource Management?


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The organizational objective of Tesco is very definitely based on human resource management because it has adopted a strategy that puts its employees directly at the centre of things, which has contributed to it being the United Kingdom's number one retailer with an annual turnover of £2 billion, even in the midst of an economic slump that has other retailers closing their doors.

Tesco's slogan, 'Every Little Helps', has been used to encompass the staff too, and it is this strategic human resource management system that is being used as a vehicle for success as the focus has shifted from traditional management methods to looking at make the individual grow. These methods are constructive because they make employees feel valued and they create a sense of belonging and pride in the company.

Training is instrumental in the organisational objectives of Tesco. It is part of a continuing development program that enables staff to perform their jobs effectively, which is motivation to achievement.

One of the key objectives that Tesco has is teaching staff situational handling. This is a key human resource factor because employees are able to interact with customers and deal with a variety of different situations efficiently. It makes sense that an organisation is only as strong and capable as its staff and therefore the effort should be made to make sure that they are adequately trained to carry that responsibility.

Effective team building activities are in place to good effect, and the results are more than obvious. Tesco has built its organisational objectives around its human resources and so they are willing to achieve the targets that have been set by the company because there is a strong feeling that they are individual contributors and a valuable cog in the wheel.

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