What Are Leadership And Management Implications?


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Though most people assume management and leadership to have the same role, both have different implications. A manager may play the part of the leader but both the roles are well defined and they are truly distinct in the way they function and contribute to the success of the organisation.

For example, let us take an example of a construction of a high rise building. It is the manager's role to ensure that the worker, tools and machinery are aligned properly and work in the most efficient manner. The manager's role will have a direct implication on the motivation of the workers and the efficiency of the machines. The leader on the other hand has to have a clear cut vision about the high rise even before the construction begins. The manager has to administer a job while the leader has to innovate. The manager has a short term implication on the business while the leader has to have a long term perspective. The leader has to provide a direction while the manager has to sustain it. It is wisely said that leaders should not manage managers but lead them.

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