How To Answer Reasons For Leaving Current Job?


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When a prospective employeer asks why you wish to leave your current job, telling the truth is good.  However, rather than saying, "I hate my job", you can always say...I am looking to advance my carreer.....I feel that my skills are not being utilized....I am currently working under conditions that are not condusive to me being considered for any promotion...I am searching for a company where I can make a contribution to the success of the company....I am looking for job security......

Hope some or one of those is what you are needing.
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I'm in trouble sir my family moves on another place so I did not able to continue my job sorry for my disappointment
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As a hiring manager, I always look for an elusive candidate. That is to say, one who has the courage to tell me it is none of my business, or just to be very vague. I don't care why you are leaving your job. I only interview candidates I would hire to begin with. You determine your own destiny in the interview. This is a bogus question.

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