What Is The Main Role Of An Rf Survey Engineer In Any Planing?


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An RF survey engineer is trained to test for Radio Frequency within an electromagnetic spectrum. He determines the radio wave propagation, in many fields with dependency upon the use of radio frequency for optimal functioning of products, projects and services.

Microwave engineers survey microwave products such as amplifiers, oscillators, connectors, antennas and testing equipment, to name a few of the surveys called for. Through the service of an RF survey engineer company's learn, the strengths and weaknesses of products and can develop plans for improvement in existing products and production of new products, which depend upon radio frequency.

RF Engineers trained in planning and optimization are invaluable contributors, in the area of  Wireless Technical Services, and many other fields. The RF Engineer conducts surveys, prepares proposals, such as floor plans, trunking diagrams, antenna locations and layout and much more.

RF Engineers work in the fields of Electronics and Telecommunications, such as circuit design and assembly, language programming, tower mounted amplifier solutions, and the ability to test interference with Agilent scanners and receivers among responsibilities. The GF Survey Engineer assesses, reports, advises and work with companies to optimize existing usage of radio frequency and plan for new developments.

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My name is Sujit samudre .I have doing co ordinate in Nokia project. I want rf survey project.

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