How One Should Sit During The Job Interview?


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The way you sit communicates a great deal about a whole range of issues, including how important you think the interview is, how nervous (or confident) you are, and your understanding of the underlying power relations. Some people's sitting position exudes over-familiarity and even arrogance, whereas others communicate a serious lack of self-belief. The golden rules in sitting are: avoid anything that will distract the interviewer from concentrating upon the content of your answers; and avoid making the interviewer feel uncomfortable. Interviewers generally do not feel comfortable if you sit in an aggressive way (leaning forward too much) or in an overly passive way (leaning back and crossing your legs at the thighs). In short, good sitting goes unnoticed by the interviewer. Here are some tips on what you should avoid:
• Leaning back: Gives the impression that you're not taking the interview seriously.
• Crossing your legs at the thighs: Too familiar, especially at the beginning of an interview.
• Sitting with your legs wide apart: Far too familiar for an interview situation, and can be both distracting and uncomfortable for the interviewer.
• Leaning forward too much: May make some interviewers feel uncomfortable, especially if you're physically big and talk loudly.
• Slouching: Gives the impression that you're not taking the interview seriously and will likely slouch in your duties.
Tips on good sitting practice include:
• Straight and upright body: This is a neutral sitting position that interviewers expect to see.
• Male legs: Males can keep their upper legs facing straight forward
and adopt what is commonly referred to as the starters position—that is, the dominant foot flat on the ground with the other foot having only the front part touching the ground.
• Female leg:. Females can cross their legs at the ankles and position the legs slightly to one side.
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